Huge economic loss from no-go show

Summer concert cancelled for first time in 12 years

David Beck





For the first time in more than a decade, the annual Taupo¯ Summer Concert has been cancelled. Greenstone Entertainment “regrettably” announced the cancellation today, after 12 consecutive years. “We have been working hard behind the scenes and had confirmed a fabulous international line-up for 2022 some time ago,” organisers said in a statement. “Covid-19 restrictions led us to delay our announcement, as we didn’t feel it was appropriate to go on sale without knowing where we would be with the restrictions around the border, MIQ, lockdown levels and subsequently the traffic light system.” The Summer Concert Tour had previously been postponed from the usual January dates to March dates for 2022. During 2021, extensive work to develop a bespoke MIQ solution was “unfortunately not successful”. “We had anticipated that by March — given what was happening around the rest of the world — we could expect some form of home quarantine to be available, which would have been acceptable to the artists.” Given the situation with enforced MIQ upon entry into the country, Greenstone Entertainment is unable to run the 2022 tour. “We understand that our loyal customers will be disappointed and we value your support. We always strive to deliver outstanding quality events, and great live music but unfortunately this year that was simply not going to be possible.” Greenstone Entertainment chief executive Amanda Calvert says there has been “huge anticipation and enthusiasm” from fans to find out more about the 2022 tour. “We’re saddened to have to make today’s announcement. With the current border restrictions, and the uncertainty surrounding the new Omicron variant, our international artists are not willing to spend 10 days in a managed quarantine facility. “We recognise the importance of the Summer Concert Tour to the regions in which it visits, with over 50,000 people attending the three shows annually. “Not only from the millions of dollars of economic benefit it generates each year, but also the hundreds of local staff and suppliers that we’re able to engage and support, and the many local groups and charities who rely on this event for fundraising. “With the current border restrictions in place for international tourists, this year would have been more important than ever for driving domestic tourism to the regions. “Thank you for your support and patience during these trying times, and we look forward to rocking again with you in 2023.” Taupo¯ District Mayor David Trewavas says the annual concert usually provides a valuable economic boost to the district. “It’s very disappointing but understandable of course, with the MIQ situation the way it is,” he says. “I just feel sorry for the businesses that thrive on it once a year, the person who makes the sausages or the external concessionaires. They always use local, Greenstone is very good at using local schools and businesses to support their events. “It’s a wonderful event and a huge economic loss to the town.” He says the event usually attracts plenty of visitors to Taupo¯. “They’re the type of visitors we love as well. They’ll stay for a couple of nights and go out to restaurants for dinner. We’re going to miss them dearly. “But we have a wonderful product there and things will slowly come right so we’re looking forward to it returning next year. They’re wellexperienced operators and promoters so I’m sure we won’t miss out.”