■ Thumbs up to all those working at the Vaccination Centre at Totara St. All visits to the centre were very professional and we in Taupo¯ all thank you for the great work you are doing. Keep yourselves safe. ■ Thumbs up to the kind people who came to my aid after a fall outside the Fine Fettle Cafe on Sunday. The wound is now cleaned and dressed and your concern was much appreciated. ■ Thumbs up to Tara at The Warehouse Taupo¯ for helping me with the deck chairs. You are employee of the year. Thank you very much. ■ Thumbs up to Coffee Club Taupo¯. Friendly greeting on arrival. Always excellent service. Easily the best coffee in town. ■ Thumbs up to Kaylene Carson and her carol singers who arrived at our neighbourhood street barbecue. They were amazing and such a lovely surprise for us all. ■ Thumbs up to the administration and teachers at Toi Ohomai Taupo¯ . As an adult student in 2021, I was so impressed by the kindness, support and encouragement you give your students. This acknowledgment is extended also to the teachers who travelled over from Rotorua. ■ Thumbs up to Paula and Amanda at Hammer Hardware Tu¯rangi for exceptional customer service helping us with painting requirements for our lounge. To ensure we were doing the right thing, they came around to our house and gave us valuable advice, including donating a tin of undercoat paint. ■ Thumbs up to Amanda at Tauhara Subway. Such a positive lady, kind and thoughtful. Thanks for the cookies. ■ Thumbs up to the Industrie French Kitchen team for always serving great coffee and Portuguese tarts with a smile. ■ Thumbs up and a big thank you to Elwyn and Deane of Mitre 10 from the ERV Trust for the donation of a cupboard to house the latest AED in Kinloch so that Holyoakes, Oakdale, Seven Oakes and the Western Beach are safely covered. A big thank you to Andrew Moore and the TDC for hanging the cupboard with the AED at the Kiosk at Lisland Drive Tennis Courts two days before Christmas and the holidays. ■ Thumbs up to the Central Market for their two years of operation. Well done. ■ Thumbs up to the Awhina Society — Eileen, Megan, Jade and their Elves for the Christmas gifts for our clients this year. These gifts will bring much happiness to our families this festive season. We really appreciate all that you do for the community, thank you from the team at Family & Financial Solutions Trust. ■ Thumbs up to Ashley Cho, Liam, Cameron and the team. We really appreciate the service you all provide. Thank you from the team at Family & Financial Solutions Trust. ■ Thumbs down to the car full of guys coming out of Brice St on to Taharepa Rd who twice now when I have been walking my dogs have leaned out of their windows and started making loud barking noises at us. If you are trying to impress me with your dog imitations — epic fail. Time to grow up. ■ Thumbs down to the property owner in Wharewaka Point cooking dinner on their BBQ each evening. You must have lost your sense of smell. Your neighbours are fed up with the stink that has us all closing windows around tea time. Be considerate to others and give it a clean. Do you have a bouquet or a brickbat? Email your thumbs up/thumbs down to us at, message Taupo¯ Weekender on Facebook or drop them into our office upstairs at 4 Starlight Arcade, Taupo¯. Thumbs up/thumbs down may be edited or abridged. Personal attacks or thumbs down that refer to easily-identifiable people, businesses or groups won’t be published.