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● What: Vero International Festival of Motoring ● When: January 16-21 ● Where: All over Taranaki ● More: Inglewood Street Party — the best chance to see all the cars up close. Thursday, January 20, 4-8pm, Inglewood Fast forward to some years later (time moves slowly without plutonium or lightning bolts) and that dream turned into reality when Jared saw a DeLorean DMC 12 offered for sale on Facebook. The car wasn’t running, and was going to need a lot of work to get there, but Jared, now an automotive engineer, was determined. Selling his Mazda MX5 to finance the purchase, he began the restoration process. The car is now fully restored to its former glory and is set to attract plenty of attention from movie and car fans alike as it drives through Taranaki during the Vero International Festival of Motoring.