Ease up on water use to avoid restrictions





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High water use across the whole Western Bay means the district is now at “high” on the water warning scale, one step before water restrictions. The hot, dry weather and high demand has put pressure on reservoir levels, prompting a reminder from Western Bay of Plenty District Council, to the public, to conserve water. Council’s utilities operations manager EJ Wentzel says dry conditions have made the district vulnerable to water shortages, and water restrictions are a possibility in the future. “While we’re not yet at the stage of needing water restrictions, we’re asking people to conserve as much water as possible so restrictions can be delayed, or avoided all together. “Summer holiday months January and February are when we see the highest demand, so now is the crucial time for everyone to ease up on their water use. “If everyone does their bit to save water, we’ll get through.” The water warning level has been “high” for O¯ mokoroa and Te Puna since December 24, these areas will now be joined by the rest of the district.