December weather: Rare to get a full day’s sunshine





December was warm but also the wettest month in the past 10 years with the greatest single rainfall episode over the same period, local weather commentator Murray Eggers said. “This ended several years without a serious weather event and a period of unusually low rainfall. “The daily average maximum temperature was 22.3 degrees, almost a degree above the 10-year average and over two degrees above last year, with the warmest day being Wednesday 15 at 30.1 degrees and the coolest 18.4 degrees on Monday 6. “It reached 20 degrees on 28 days, 10 more than last year. “Spring’s cloudiness persisted into the middle of December, but it was still fairly rare to get a full day’s sunshine right up to the end of the month. However, with some sun most days in the second half of the month, we ended up with the equivalent of 15 sunny days, two less than average, and four more than December 2020, which was unusually cloudy. “Rainfall for the month amounted to a record 330mm (airport) with 160mm in one episode over December 6-7. “This would have been the greatest many will have experienced, but it caused remarkably little serious flooding. However, the second half of the month was fairly dry with the 22mm that fell on the last Tuesday of the month welcomed by gardeners. “With the passing of the summer solstice in December, January will see the days shortening with the sun rising 40 minutes later by the end of the month.”