Good dog, Bella, now on your lead




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Bella tops the list for top dog names in the Coromandel — and naming a dog after a bird is another top 10 choice for locals. Drum roll please . . . the Coromandel’s most popular dog names for 2021 are: BELLA (59) CHARLIE (50) POPPY (50) MOLLY (50) MAX (49) JACK (42) COCO (42) TUI (40) MILLY (36) BUDDY (34) Summer rules about where you can walk your dog are put in place from Labour Weekend to March 1, with additional restrictions and prohibitions from December 20 to January 31. These rules help to protect dogs, humans, and wildlife during peak periods and important nesting times for manu Ma¯ori. The Thames-coromandel District Council says the most important rule to remember is that dogs must be on a lead unless specified otherwise. So, when in doubt, put your dog on a lead. “Our bylaws team will be spending time talking to dog owners about our local rules, especially if dogs aren’t on lead where they should be,” a spokesman said. “If your dog is off lead in an area that’s not designated as off lead, you could be fined $300. “But don’t worry, you’ll get the chance to make it right. Our aim is to educate people about our rules and to encourage voluntary compliance by giving out free dog leads.” Multiple instances of noncompliance can still result in a fine. People can check for the colour-coded signs in their area whether dogs are allowed or should be on a lead, plus they can go to the www.tcdc. page for links to the dog-walking areas in their area and any seasonal changes for certain reserves or beaches. “We’re also encouraging people to keep their dogs more than 5m from playgrounds [it’s a rule in the bylaw]. “This keeps children safe and also keeps dog mess away from play equipment,” the council said.