For Trish, each work’s an adventure

Rebecca Mauger




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Trish Coates’ little art gallery name sums up her style — serendipity. Much of the Waih¯ı Beach artist’s work develops by chance, starting with an idea and seeing where it goes. “The majority of it is in my head, I don’t know how it’s going to go or what it will look like when it’s finished.” For some of her more adventurous works, she has been known to start at the top and work her way down. There’s also no particular style she sticks to. “At one stage I thought I should have one style but then I thought that would be boring.” Each work looks as if it has been crafted by a different artist. Subject matter varies greatly but painting animals and people is Trish’s favourite thing to do. The paintings which adorn Serendipity Art Gallery studio at the back of her Waih¯ı Beach home range in style from pop art, abstract, realism, fantasy or surrealism, portraiture and more. Some works are recreated from photos she’s seen online. Trish is Waih¯ı Art Group’s secretary. She’ll be submitting 10 of her works for the exhibition this weekend. The first of a further three Waih¯ı Art Group exhibitions kick off this weekend. The group usually has three exhibitions each year, but with last year’s Covid-19 restrictions only one was held. So its members are stocked up and ready for their upcoming three-day exhibition, with at least 18 artists submitting several works. Trish says the works are of a high standard and all art styles are represented. Their events are always well attended, she says, but with Waih¯ı Beach humming with visitors this summer they’re expecting around 12,000 visitors to the exhibition.