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Smedley first opened back in 1931 after being gifted to the Crown in 1919 by Josiah Howard to provide agricultural training to young Kiwi farmers. The Cadet Training Farm is located in the Hawke's Bay region of New Zealand. Cadets learn in a range of areas from stock, working with sheep, beef, deer, horses, and dogs. They also learn some dairy experience, including breeding, mating, handling and mustering. Cadets get exposure to working on tractors, 4WDs, and ATVs, and some mechanical repairs and maintenance work. Smedley provides unique agricultural and farm training using accredited farming courses. The academic programme is delivered by EIT. Cadets who complete all academic requirements will be awarded the Certificate in Agriculture Levels 3 and 4. Recognising the importance of supporting future farmers into the industry, Rabobank is proud to partner with Smedley Station and Cadet Training Farm and share the amazing story and success of Max to inspire future farmers.