CHB Mail - 2021-11-25


Minibeasts invited to new bug village


Abunch of bug-friendly CHB students have banded together and created an environment that encourages a range of beneficial insect-life to populate their country school. The students from Omakere School are the environmental groups Leaf-tastic Longrange, Pourerere Pollution Police and Motere Moas and they got together over the space of an afternoon to create an entire bug village to encourage the best sort of “school bugs” to flourish. The team worked with wooden crates from Super Liquor in Waipawa, pallets from Nimon and bricks and concrete pipes delivered by Mr Strong, adding green and dried foliage, sticks and pine cones. The bug houses are intended to attract and home pollinators, predators, detrituseaters and beneficial bugs which the students will then have the opportunity to study.


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