CHB Mail - 2021-11-25


Three Waters saga unfolds


It is with interest I watch the Three Waters saga unfold. On one hand I am very concerned by council overreach and the impossibility of continued council cost increases. On the other I see the rise of an authoritarian Government, people had better start reading history books. Clever to add a racial part to Three Waters, criticise it and you are a racist, a cunning plan which leads to oppression and disenfranchisement, it’s time to get wise. I think the regional council, has done the community a disservice, which is ongoing regards aquifer depletion and water quality. The council in 2008 went against its own officials’ advice and issued massive water takes which haunt us to this day. Most of us face user charges but I notice large irrigators are not carrying the cost of the managed aquifer recharge, that is being socialised on to the taxpayer. Regional council incompetence has allowed the Government to introduce Three Waters, one bureaucracy fighting another. Meanwhile our council is going to pipe water from Waipawa to Waipukurau to solve quality issues and every day we drive past a concrete bike track, which we are meant to believe is the best use of $7 million. Can we see the cost benefit analysis? Tax on petrol including GST is nearly $1.20 a litre, I suspect the government gets enough tax from the BP station in Waipawa alone, to fund CHB council, if you add in diesel tax then it’s a shoe in. Andrew Wilson Otane


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